Posted by Rack Armour
September 21, 2016

What if we told you…

What if we told you that we could log and notify you every time a member of staff strikes your pallet racking you’d be interested right?

But what if we also told you that we could notify a nominated member of staff to instantly inspect the specific leg and log the information with images which can be forwarded on for an instant repair quote…

We’d also tell you about the potential decline in impacts with staff knowing knocks ad bumps will be logged and attributable to them, naturally decreasing impacts in turn reducing damage significantly.

But then we’d tell you about the automatic report generator which notifies you of your most severely damaged areas, giving you the information needed to determine damage “hot spots” and problem areas. Enabling you to analyse and rectify to significantly improve productivity and more importantly overall site safety.

And lastly, what if I told you that this system has reduced impacts on one of the UK’s biggest FMCG companies sites by 70% over a one month period… Saving thousands.

You’d probably ask us how… contact us today