Rack Sense
Posted by Rack Armour
September 14, 2016

Racking impact detector… Because knowledge is power

If pallet racking damage occurs within the warehouse, how likely is it to be reported? In most warehouses, not very. This can lead to a damage being left for long periods of time unnoticed.

Safety in the warehouse is The Rack Group’s specialty, we offer racking inspections, racking repairs, maintenance plans, protection equipment and training in how to inspect and maintain the racking. However, our new product RACK SENSE! This racking impact detector is the latest innovation to increase the safety of your warehouse.

Rack Sense notifies you of potential damage to your pallet racking instantly. This is the fundamental goal of a racking impact detector – Increase safety.

A racking impact detector alerts you to rack damage and allows you to instantly inspect it, advise on precautions and immediately take action to eliminate the risk in the best possible way.

Our methodical testing of this product allowed us to see a 70% reduction in impact levels as soon as Fork Lift drivers were made aware that damage could be attributed to them directly. We also found that when accidental damage did happen, it was being quickly reported to senior staff; although they were already aware an impact had occurred.