Posted by Rack Armour
September 20, 2016

Rack Sense Launch

Rack Sense – The worlds first racking impact sensor.

For what seems an eternity of fine tuning, testing and software development we are now finally delighted to launch Rack Sense!! Its been years in the making, working with some of the worlds biggest brands. Developing a product which not only works, but also gives the customer every drop of information which makes their lives easier.

Rack Sense is not just a pallet racking impact sensor, its so much more. Rack Sense does alert members of staff to a potentially dangerous racking impact, but that’s just the start.

Rack Sense allows users to instantly inspect a potentially damaged legs, just seconds after its happened. A free app allows users to take photos, add notes and even forward the information on to maintenance companies for an instant quote. All information is stored in the “Rack Cloud” which allows management to keep track of impact levels and also the speed of inspection. They can also peruse the impact information and track which forklift driver did the damage.

Tests have shown that having Rack Sense installed alone reduce impact levels by 70%. When people understand that their actions are accountable, they soon change their ways. Creating a safer working environment with less racking damage and less racking maintenance…

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